Problem: Teachers

Anagram it. Go on, I know you want to anagram it.

Teachers = Cheaters


Well. Before someone drags me off into personal hell for this anagram, give it a thought.

To be a cheater, you have to cheat. So, what exactly did teachers cheat?

Flashback time, folks! Remember when you’re favourite teacher scolded you? And suddenly, she was no longer your favourite teacher.

Remember when you harboured a particular enmity against a particular teacher? You hated her snivelly voice, her itching persona. She got on your nerves, and once too many times, you had talked back to her. She, of course, returned the favour by grading you a little low. You began to detest that subject.

This is a humble request to all teachers: Perhaps being mean wasn’t your best idea, you know? You were meant to teach us, but instead you cultivated a hate for the subject, even if we were good at it.

Perhaps degrading our work in front of the whole class wasn’t the best idea? We actually worked to submit a report, or a poster, or a project in time, but what did you do? Point out all its mistakes? Show us that even if we tried, we could never reach your sky high standards?

Thank you for shoving and pushing our ounce of curiosity.

Yours truly,
A tired student


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