Problem: Cancertainment

I recently discovered a new word: Cancertainment.
And frankly, its all a bit too disconcerting.

As far as I understood, it’s basically the making of plays/movies/books on cancer.

My problem  lies in the fact that… many don’t portray Cancer how it is. They romanticize it. They undermine it. It’s just a plot device!

But you know what Cancer actually is?

It’s a near sign of death. Of course, this depends on what type of cancer, and what stage, but generally, it and death are BFFs.

Why don’t people understand that no, Cancer is not a stupid money making scheme, it’s reality.

Most people don’t survive Cancer. And even if they do, the chances of relapse are nearly 95%.
Tell me this: Would you wish death upon a close friend or relative? Would you want them to undergo that much pain?

Do you think it’s okay to ‘cash’ in on such a serious matter?

Thank you so, so, so much The Fault In Our Stars.


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