Problem: Cancertainment

I recently discovered a new word: Cancertainment. And frankly, its all a bit too disconcerting. As far as I understood, it’s basically the making of plays/movies/books on cancer. My problem ┬álies in the fact that… many don’t portray┬áCancer how it is. They romanticize it. They undermine it. It’s just a plot device! But you know […]

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Problem: Teachers

Anagram it. Go on, I know you want to anagram it. Teachers = Cheaters OOH. Well. Before someone drags me off into personal hell for this anagram, give it a thought. To be a cheater, you have to cheat. So, what exactly did teachers cheat? Flashback time, folks! Remember when you’re favourite teacher scolded you? […]

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Something Akin To A Problem

Oh Life! Why must thou be so cruel? We all have problems in this stupid world. Some may have a vast number of small problems. Others may have a small number of vast problems. Is it that easy to overcome these problems? This is my collection of random rants, some unforgivable curses that I may […]

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